I have been running a Gheenoe 15-4 micro skiff now for a couple of seasons and decided to start doing backwater trips for individual clients.​

Have to say that dropping a 3 ft long fish into the middle of a micro skiff is crazy awesome and the experience is sorta like kayak fishing but with alot more mobility. And of course, you get to stand up and fly fish without worrying about tipping over. Its an amazing boat!

I chose to run an older 2 stroke 9.9hp for weight and speed and so far our top speed has been 18 mph!
We can get into super skinny waters both fresh and salt as shallow as 3"- 5".

This year, we will be going for Striped Bass, Big Bluefish in the shallows, Largemouths, smallmouths, pike and pickeral, Snakeheads and more.

Yes, I said Jersey Snakeheads!!

If these trips interest you please reach out to me by phone 732 614 3373 or email paulyfish@reeltherapy.com


Coming in 2018, Backwater Salt and Freshwater Skiff trips 

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